Our Mission

To improve the self-confidence of women in the UK and around the world.

Our Purpose

To provide the tools, resources, products and services that give you the confidence to conquer your world. Whatever your world may be.

Our Belief

Confidence comes from competence. The more information we have empowers us to make more confident life choices.

Our Ethos

You move differently when you fall in love with who you are.


What is We are Auburn?

We are Auburn is an online digital publication on a mission to improve the self confidence of women throughout the UK.

After countless conversations with lots of kick ass women it became pretty clear that confidence comes from competence. The more informed we are on a topic empowers us to make more confident decisions and that’s why we aim to deliver as much content as possible on a range of themes we know are important to your world.

We want to help you self-actualise your inner power, make empowering life choices, find and develop your own personal success and invite you to be a part of a growing community of likeminded smart, ambitious women.

It is, in short, a self-love gym where you visit frequently to work out your C muscle.

We stand with each other, support each other and bring each other along on our journeys to falling in love with ourselves. We spread the movement that we are not each others competition and that confident women empower women.

The next generation of empowered women leaders and change-makers will transform our world.

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My name is Rebecca Marley and I am Auburn (No really, I am).

Not the brand. But the hair colour. I was born with red hair and until very recently it was something I tried to hide. I hated how much it would make me stand out. So, at the age of 16 I dyed it brown and did what all young women wanted to do – blend in.

I spent years as a brunette and at the time I loved it, it allowed me to be more than just my hair colour, establish who I was and what I stood for, it gave me the confidence to speak up without the constant fear of someone shouting ‘shut up ginge’ back at me. I needed that time.

Recently, I came to realise that what made me different wasn’t something to hide but it was something to embrace and stripping the colour out was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. It was empowering to look in the mirror and see the person I had tried to box away for so long for the fear of standing out look…. Confident.


This journey of learning to accept who I was, is in fact the inspiration behind the name of my company (it still feels surreal saying that). It does not represent my hair colour, it represents every single woman who is on the journey of loving who they are and features they were born with because at the end of the day that is what makes you unique, it’s your culture, it’s your family, it’s your history and you should be proud of that.


Rebecca x


A note on our ethics policy: the writers here at We are Auburn will always credit products or bloggers whose ideas we post. Any lack of credit is completely unintentional and will be corrected upon notice. The team at We are Auburn will also always disclose when and if a company has paid for or offered free products in return for promotion on the site.