What to Gift Yourself This Valentine's Day

The beauty of Valentine’s day is that it forces us to think about our relationships with others; significant half, our best gal pals, the fam and the co-workers we couldn’t show up without but we never think about number 1 (that’s you) and what relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself, amirite?!

You don’t need to rely on your other half this Valentine’s for the perfect gift and there can be something really empowering about being on your own, so take it upon yourself to turn this manufactured holiday into a chance to turn up the good old self-love. A long, indulgent bath is sure to do the trick, or call your best girlfriend and head to your favourite salon for some R&R. 

This Valentine’s Day, shower your own damn self with love, affection, and a few luxurious beauty gifts, like the kickass ones, below. You know you deserve it.