The Perks of Being Single this Valentine’s Day

Truly the most Marmite day of the year, love it or hate it, the inescapable hype around Valentines’ Day is enough to make even the most fiercely independent of Beyoncé’s single ladies want to hibernate under their duvet. If you’re not aboard the Relation Ship this year, here are some solid reasons to remind you why being single today, and any other day, could be just what you need to thrive, flourish and find what you really want.


You can say yes to more things

Without someone else’s schedule to consider, you’re so much freer to just go with the flow. Being single gives you the power to make totally last-minute plans and say yes on the spot – with no phone call to check you haven’t double booked or tell your other half you won’t be back in time for dinner.  Take this time to be selfish, do things for you and turn some amazing last-minute plans into amazing nights you can (or maybe can’t) always remember. 

Your career can flourish

You’ll be more inclined to put in those extra hours, be more focused at work and you might even take an opportunity in a new location (or even abroad) you’d never have considered with a significant other in tow. Being single opens up a huge roadmap ahead, full of unknowns and exciting developments – it’s completely up to you which turn in the road you take (and fate will do the rest). 

You can make amazing memories

You know all those great experiences that are now slightly tainted by the fact you spent them with an ex? I took my first solo trip to Paris when I was single and it’s a memory that will always be mine alone, and that makes it all the more precious. It was a time spent doing exactly what I wanted, exploring what fascinated me most and reminding myself that I didn’t need someone else there as a comfort blanket.  Knowing you can go it alone is a powerful reminder of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it – especially in the city of love.

You can find new things you love, and really cultivate the passions you already have 

Crucially, being single gives us time away from the gaze of someone else to cultivate true self-knowledge. We stand firmer in our views and start to understand what it is to be innately ‘us’ – whether that’s the books we discovered spoke to us, because we gave ourselves the time to really devour their pages, or the new views, music and passions we developed when our social circle began to expand. 

You can put yourself first

Time away from a relationship gives time for true introspection, asking not just, ‘what do we want?’ but ‘what do I want?’. While the right relationships will make us prosper and give us the strength and support to follow our dreams, a period of introspection can arm us with just the same power and knowledge. Ultimately, once we know ourselves, and find value in it without seeking validation from anybody else, we go back out into the world far more likely to find what it is we want. From following our dreams to potentially even meeting The One (if that’s what you want), we make fewer sacrifices in the pursuit of a romantic relationship because we realise that we are perfectly okay without one. 

Being single this Valentine’s Day is still a celebration of a love story – just one with a different narrative. Take this time to fall in love with yourself a little bit more. Because self-love is a powerful thing.

Emma Griffin

Emma Griffin