Best Saving Hacks for 2019, According to Modern Women

According to scientists, January officially lasts 31 days – so why does it feel like we are already on January 71st? Chatting with my friends and looking at social media, I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I am no psychologist but I think it might be related to the December come down, kicking our bodies into exercise and healthy eating (making January even more unbearable than it already is) and the fact that we are all clinging onto what is left of our finances after a very cash heavy Christmas.

It feels like the last time I had a pay day was in 2001. But again, to confirm, January is no longer than the 7 other months that consist of 31 days.

But alas, Pay day is finally upon us and February is in sight, the end is near. Although it is going to take more than one pay day to make up for any damage caused over December and save for any upcoming activities am I right or am I right?

I am pretty bad with my spending/saving and am the last person you want to come to for any financial advice so I did what most millennials do and I hit the internet gathering the best savings hacks I could find. From buying in bulk to rationing your fabric conditioner, I know it doesn’t sound glam but to be honest, saving isn’t but it has massive rewards.

Below are the best cheap living hacks for saving on food, transport, beauty, travel and everything in between from real, modern living women like you and I.


Listen to the voice inside your head that questions if the purchase is worth it.


…because it almost never is. Try and keep breakfast and snack items in your desk at work to avoid any temptation to nip out to the nearest coffee joint.


Plan your meals around what is on offer in the supermarket


…and when you see great offers, buy in bulk.


Make the most of your beauty products


…because when you think that squeezey tube is empty cut half of it off with a pair of scissors and you will be amazed at how much treasure is still left inside.


Containers. Containers. Containers.


…bringing in your own lunch ALWAYS saves you money.


Avoid bottled water at all costs


…for two reasons. A) it reduces your use of single use plastics and B) we pay a lot for our water (especially in the North East) and it tastes pretty good out of the tap


Air dry your clothes when possible


…tumble dryers eat up your bills! and laundry powder? Most people use way too much! You only need a couple of tablespoons at most, not an entire cup. Reduce your laundry detergent consumption and pocket the savings instead.


Think outside the box


…for cheap date ideas. Me and my boyfriend are both really trying to save at the moment so we like to go for walks exploring more of where we live and also cook from scratch. It is a great thing to do, takes up time and is so much cheaper than eating out (it normally tastes pretty great too).


Always look for discount codes


… when shopping online there is almost always a discount code if you google or ask a friend with a certain student discount account (you know where I mean *cough cough)


Challenge yourself


…to cook what you already have in the cupboards. We sometimes go on auto pilot mode in the supermarket and pick up things we already have which means are cupboards can start to build up. Task yourself every once in a while to make a meal JUST using the ingredients you already have.

Happy Saving, Rebecca x