By Anna Beckett (BSc Hons Food Science and Nutrition, Home Economics Teacher)

So how is New Year, new you, new diet working out so far?

It’s probably a lot harder than you anticipated. All those blocks of cheese, packets of nuts and boxes of chocolates are still probably looming in the cupboards, no matter how far back you push them to try and hide them.

I’ve managed to stick to being active, for me that involves 3, 6am gym sessions but these are the ones that fit into MY routine, that’s important. You need to find something that you enjoy doing- believe me that doesn’t have to include joining a gym. An unused gym membership is a contribution towards a food shop, a night out, some new shoes or a nice meal- don’t waste it on something you don’t use! Get out in the fresh air, go walking or running. Plunge yourself into a leisure centre swimming pool and get your lengths in. Join a dance class and bust a few moves. You pick what is right for you but I guarantee that endorphin release will be very worth it!

In terms of nutrition I still find myself going round in circles when I speak to people. Fat is NOT bad, carbohydrates are NOT bad and being in a calorie deficit is NOT sustainable.

People have busy lifestyles and commitments so it is nearly impossible to be perfectly meal prepped and eat nutritious balanced foods all of the time. However, a challenge for the week ahead- sit down and plan what you are doing every day of the week and what you plan to eat, make it simple and it will make your food shop easier and save on any waste, particularly if you are only shopping for yourself. If you are shopping for a family this is still a really good way to keep focused when shopping and keep your meals nutritionally balanced and organised (example below)


Moral of the story, give yourself small and achievable goals. It’s January, losing 4 stone by March is not achievable and it’s going to be extremely disheartening if and when it doesn’t happen.

My achievable goal from this week was to drink at least 2 bottles (750ml) of water a day. Just to add some accountability I made my Mum ask be every day if I had achieved it, may sound silly but soon that one achievable go will become a usual part of my daily routine!

Get achievable goal setting! 

Love, Anna x