By Anna Beckett (BSc Hons Food Science and Nutrition, Home Economics Teacher)

Hands down, I am SUPER guilty of this… I’ve got it all covered and under control Monday to Friday, I’ve succeeded in completing a healthy balanced food shop and the structure of my job keeps my eating in check. Breakfast, break, lunch, break then dinner, I can do it, it’s easy, well so I thought until Friday night appears.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s finally the weekend and my body goes into relaxation mode or that it’s the end of a long week and my mind is craving something a bit more unhealthy. Once I add alcohol into the equation however, it’s a whole other story. Whichever night of the weekend I choose to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages I manage to also massively overindulge in calorific food. In my head I constantly think why did you even go to the gym this week, why have you been strict and stuck to any sort of routine when you’re literally about to devour a takeaway on the way home after a big night?

It’s extremely frustrating and it’s a cycle I find difficult to break. When you drink alcohol or eat calorific food a measure of Galanin (a very small protein) is released in the brain, it is this protein that gives us the desire to want MORE alcohol and MORE fatty foods. Essentially it is a vicious cycle, consume alcohol Galanin is released and you want more, have a greasy burger and it’s released again. ALL THE CRAVINGS! It’s pretty hard to take the mind over matter approach when this protein is in the driving seat!

I’m also convinced that I’ve tried every hangover cure under the sun and I still can’t find anything that works. If you have any suggestions please send them my way!

I find myself laying around until late afternoon then finally pull myself together and have a shower and a walk about and I actually feel better.

I know I have a big weekend in store out Friday AND Saturday night so my SAG (aka small achievable goal) for this weekend is drink plenty of water when I get in, get a decent sleep and rise earlier than normal and try and get some physical activity clocked…. maybe just a slow walk!

Get your #SAG set and enjoy your weekend 

Love, Anna x