We are Auburn is a small start up with a big mission; to improve the self-confidence of women in the UK.

In 2016 Dove released the worrying statistic that UK women have one of the lowest body-confidence scores in the WORLD!

This ignited a fire in our belly and we are motivated to try and improve this. We believe that YOU MOVE DIFFERENTLY WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH WHO YOU ARE and our research has proven that taking the time to care for your mind, health and wellbeing will improve your self-confidence.

We want women to own who they are and make no apologies. We are not each others competition, we stand with each other – confident women empower women so we have set ourselves the #weareconfident challange to encourage as many of you as possible to share what makes you feel confident and hopefully we can inspire each other in all aspects of life; body, work, relationships, self etc

Every month we will be profiling different and amazing women and we are inviting YOU to join the movement, to speak up and share your story because at the end of the day if each of us can help to inspire even one fellow female together we will make a difference.

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