I have something called generalised anxiety disorder. This is a part of me that for a long time I was ashamed to talk about, and thought that even if I did, nobody would understand.

I experienced my first major anxiety attack when I was on my own, in my student home in Manchester & I have no other way to describe how I felt other than, I thought I was physically and mentally breaking.
I had never felt such an overwhelming flood of fear, stress and lack of control in my life. At that moment, I put this down to the stress I was under from a relationship I was in at the time, but 4 years on and although for the most part less severe, anxiety is still something I battle with almost daily.

Over the past few years, my struggles with anxiety have prevented me from perusing many personal and professional opportunities. It caused me to drop out of university, close my self off from friends and family & end relationships, all because of my lack of confidence and self-belief.

What many people don’t know, is that anxiety can come out of nowhere, even sat on the sofa with your best friend or driving home from work listening to your favourite song…anxiety doesn’t need a reason & because of that, telling someone you’re feeling anxious can feel impossible.

BUT learning to talk about my feelings, and forgetting about looking or sounding stupid to other people, I accepted that this is an illness just like the common cold. And as freely as you would ask for a tissue or a Lemsip, you should feel just as free and as confident to ask for help. Whether that help comes from a professional, from prescribed medication, through therapy or through purely opening up to someone you trust, your mental health should be the top priority and I have learnt to never be ashamed of not always being “ok”.

With each day I am finding new ways to love myself and be conscious of my thoughts. The mind is an incredible thing but sometimes it’s control over you can be overwhelming, so be kind to yourself. Don’t be afraid to have bad days, don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

I am confident to talk about my mental health and you should be too. 


Love Vicky x