How to Meal Prep Like a Boss

The glitter is starting to disappear, the tinsel has been packed away for another 11 months, the weather sends shivers down our spine and most of us probably can’t remember the last time we ate a plate of food that remotely resembled the ‘balanced plate’ we got shown in school… yes, that means it is January. 

If you were able to stay relatively healthy over the festive period and eating clean is something that just runs in your veins then you probably don’t feel the need to undertake some big January detox but if, like me, you had sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last 2 weeks and washed them down with copious glasses of alcohol then you might feel it is time for some health kick. 

I am not talking juice detox, meal replacement bars or some crazy syrup diet. I am just talking healthy and nutritious meals that reduce my Christmas waistline and save on my purse strings. 

One of the keys to success is MEAL PREP which seems to be considered much like marmite – you either love it or hate it (I actually don’t mind marmite so that probably wasn’t the best use of metaphor but you get the gist). 

But if you are someone that hates it, I am about to put together a healthy argument to make you think otherwise!

It’s easy for meal prepping to feel like a huge task that only bloggers and bodybuilders do, but I promise, that isn’t the case. When broken down, it’s an easy, great way to make your week a little easier — and a little healthier, too.

An important disclaimer before we get started – please remember that these meals WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. The experts suggest not eating leftovers after more than four days — after that, the chance of food poisoning increases dramatically.

Containers. Containers. Containers


Yep, you guessed it! You are not going to meal prep like a boss without any CONTAINERS and having the right ones will make the process so much easier. You don’t need to get the same ones for every time but trust me, when you are done and see all your food prepped in matching containers you will feel really satisfied. 


Prepare different sides and snacks


I know as much as you do that it is not fun, or exciting, to eat the same thing every day for a week. One of the easiest ways to efficiently meal prep but still have some variety in your week is to prepare the same main course for every day, but to make different sides. Even if your side or snack doesn’t require cooking, having it chopped up and portioned in the fridge can make a world of difference after a long day, or when you’re in a rush in the morning.


Use different spices and sauces


Variety is key to success – and flavour! So having a selection of seasonings and sauces to put on your meal throughout the week to (depending on what you fancy) can literally spice up your dish. 


Assemble your meals later


Keep your main meal and sauces separate to ensure that the freshness lasts rather than assemble at the start of the week. Simply add it the day you are going to eat it.


Buy things in bulk


Places like Costco will become your trusty sidekick when it comes to meal prepping. Buying frozen items in bulk, for example, frozen fruit separated into bags for a quick smoothie will save you time and money.


Use the freezer


Even just making a meal with the sole intent to freeze it also counts as meal prep! Things like soup, curries, chilli’s can all be frozen and defrosted the day you want to eat it. It is also a really good way to stop you from getting sick of eating the same thing because you can spread it out over weeks rather than days. 


Start small 


You don’t even need to start meal prepping 3 meals a day for the next week, start small and just prep one meal if you fancy. You will save time and eat better just by doing this too and you can build from there. 


Make things your actually like


Trying something you have never had before and making it in build could be a recipe for disaster! Stick to dishes you know you like and then you wont mind eating it a few times. 


It doesn’t need to be fancy


Pinterest is a beautiful place when it comes to meal prep inspiration but it can also make the task feel a lot more daunting then it needs to be. If you like chicken and veg and think you can eat that everyday then just make that! You are the only one eating it so make sure you have catered the menu to YOU. 

Rebecca Marley