New Year. New Positive Mind Set.

We know it can get hard sometimes but we try to always be glass half full kind of women at We are Auburn and to make sure we continue into 2019 with the same positive outlook we have done some researching into the world wide web on how we can embrace a positive mindset this coming year.

I am sure we are all too familiar with those periods in life where we feel a bit low and that light at the end of the tunnel seems pretty much non-existent and when you are in one of these life chapters it is really hard to turn the page onto the next one. So how can we go about changing our mindset from a negative to a positive one?

Unfortunately, it is going to take a little more than looking in the mirror and simply telling yourself to ‘be more positive’ because when we do that and then surprise, surprise nothing happens we spiral into a binge series of guilt. So what can we do? Well according to Girl Boss and six happiness experts in a range of specialities there are certain tactics that you can put into practise and we are about to break them down;


Adopt a morning gratitude practice


A good way to shift someone’s mindset is to start a morning gratitude practise  – even before you get out of bed! Think of three things you are grateful for (minimum), this can sometimes be quite difficult when you are really in a low so just start with something simple like being grateful that you washed your hair last night so you don’t need to do it again tonight. Gratitude can come from the most basic of everyday tasks. It is just a step to tricking your mind to think in a more positive direction.

The reason why it is best to practise this in the morning rather than before you go to sleep is it sets you up to continue the rest of the day with your positive mindset, it can also force you remain in the present moment which is crucial for happiness and creating the life you want in 2019.


Being inspired from our previous ‘failures’


Have you ever made a New Years resolution or promise to yourself and didn’t follow it through? (yeah, me too). Have you ever been discouraged from making that same resolution or promise again because of your previous ‘failure’? (me again!)

Rather than discourage ourselves we should actually use the past as fuel for inspiration and reflect on what didn’t work, why and what we can do differently. These insights can actually give us the confidence to plan a new course of action and try it again.


Choose a mantra you can rely on


Research a few mantras on Pinterest and write down your favourite one that resembles best how you would like 2019 to go and speak it softly in your mind (or scream it out the window, whatever works for you we don’t judge). Repeat, repeat, repeat. Practice, practice, practice. The more your repeat and practice the more your mindset will adapt.


Make positive thinking a priority


By making positive thinking our number one priority we can really start to transform our mindset into a positive one.

“When you understand that nothing ever happens to you but always for you; that everything and everyone in your awareness is always a gift meant for you to experience, your perspective immediately changes from “negative and closed” to “positive and open.” —Jacqueline Pirtle, mindfulness & happiness coach.

We know it can be really hard sometime to find the gift but if you really try hard, look deep and you will find it.


Audit your time—and who you spend it with


Make a conscious effort to think about who you are spending your time with and what you give your time too. Attitudes can be just as contagious as the common cold so make sure to surround yourself with people who inspire you, bring out the best in you and cheer on your team. The more time you spend with people who make you feel the complete opposite that maintaining your positive mindset will be tricky.

Your priorities will be a influence on how you spend your time so if you want to work on having a more positive mindset then take a personal time audit of the moment and reflect on whether those activities have brought you positivity – and be honest!


Remember to be kind to yourself


How do you feel right now in this very moment? Sad? Angry? Confused? Lonely? Down?

Whatever it is spend a moment really feeling that emotion, clear everything out, let it all in and truly feel it.

Okay, now lets get curious about it. Where is it coming from? Once you know the source, you can work with that. What can you do now to lighten the feelings? What will make you feel better? Maybe you need a brisk walk to shake off the day and the person that cut you off. Maybe you need to call your best friend and tell them how you’re still hurting from the breakup. Maybe you need to get proactive and explore other living options to create some distance with your roommate. Or maybe you just need to sit and wallow for a bit.

Whatever it is, let it be. Shifting our mindset starts with being a whole lot kinder to ourselves, accepting where we’re at, and then getting clear on the proactive steps we can take to shift our mindset and bring more joy and pleasure into our lives.

It is okay not to be okay. Only for a while though!