My name is Anna, I am 24 and a teacher from Northern Ireland.


I feel most confident after a gin & tonic (or two)…  I’m so glad that social media wasn’t a huge part of everyday life when I was growing up. I’m only 24 but as a young teenager the most online interaction I had was MSN and Bebo. I didn’t have constant access on my phone and I grew up without the influence of insta-famous girls and bloggers and to be honest I’m very grateful for that.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t constantly scroll through Instagram and that it doesn’t have an influence on me and my confidence. I have days, even weeks when I think, why can I not look like that, how is her life so perfect, how can she be on holiday again etc etc but luckily I have the ability to ground myself and realise that people don’t show the bad things on Instagram. People don’t often share the battles they are facing behind the social media grid.

As an individual I’ve seen the benefits of social media, as a teacher I’ve seen the serious effect it can have on young people’s confidence and well being. I’ve spent more hours dealing with problems caused by social media and I’ve watched pupils cry their eyes out as their confidence has been absolutely crushed by other individuals and that is not okay. I am very lucky that I am a resilient person and have never allowed anyone or anything to knock my confidence. I still get my hair and nails done, get myself to those 6am gym sessions to make me feel more confident and selfishly I do all those things for me and no one else. Sometimes it’s hard to find and other days it’s there more than others but you’ve got to believe in yourself and be confident with who you are and what you can do.

I am so proud of Rebecca for developing the We are Auburn movement and all that it stands for and represents. Her mission is simple; to improve self confidence of women throughout the UK yet this is so overlooked and undermined across all age groups and genders.

Self confidence and self belief is personal to everyone, it has to be built and it has to be worked on but it is in there and it will shine through when you’ve found it 

Love, Anna x