Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad If You Have Already Failed Your New Years Resolutions. The Odds Are Against You.

By Louise Marley

I heard an interesting fact the other day – only 8% stick to their New Years resolutions. What happens to the other 92% of us?

In January we are feeling guilty, bloated, broke. We need to reign it in, motivate ourselves, give ourselves targets, set those resolutions but how much time do we actually spend thinking about what we can realistically achieve. We know ourselves pretty well and yet we pick resolutions that are almost impossible. Most of us set personal goals with specific targets – lose 2 stone, dry January, exercise 3 times a week……. We can reduce our alcohol consumption pretty easily – fewer parties, less money and we can reduce our calorie intake – less sausages and mince pies but why do we try to suddenly live off 1500 calories when we have been piling 2500-3500 into our bodies for almost a month and completely cut out alcohol – is it a surprise that our bodies go into sugar craving mode and you would have to be a superhero to battle through without the occasional surrender.

We also pick the worst time of year to set these resolutions. In January and February we are starved of sunlight, it’s still dark when we get home from work and the highlight for most of us is a warm house, a comfy sofa and great drama on the TV. The hardest pull of all is dragging yourself out again on a cold, dank evening to put yourself through something which you do not actually enjoy – no surprise then that 92% of us have given up any pretence of achieving our resolutions by mid-Feb

Every year I religiously set out my resolutions for the year ahead. They can range from the fanciful – “I am going to learn to speak French fluently, I am going to learn to sing” – to the more mundane “I am going to lose weight” but this year I thought I would be a bit more realistic and make suggestions to myself rather than set hard and fast resolutions.

I am going to try to be more mindful – take time everyday to find pleasure in the simple things – that first cup of tea in the morning, my dogs happy greeting when I come downstairs, the fact that it is not raining and its January!!    

I am going to try to be kinder, smile more, be more patient

And I am going to try to be more eco conscious and recycle more

I have set a weekly reminder on my phone to keep me on the straight and narrow I will let you know if this year I am one of the 8%…