The Real Girls Guide to Fitness and Nutrition: Striking the Balance

By Anna Beckett (BSc Hons Food Science and Nutrition, Home Economics Teacher)

Something along the lines of trying to keep fit, eat healthily, hold down a full time job, have a social life and be a good human, then wondering why you’re so tired. Does that sound familiar?

I am one of these (probably annoying) people who loves being kept busy both at work and outside of work and I actually feel strange when I don’t have something to be doing. Don’t get me wrong I love to lie on the sofa and watch some crime thrilling drama at 9pm and that’s well needed to stop my brain going into overdrive.

We are all guilty of the “working lunch”, the overtime, the extra minutes worked throughout and at the end of the working day for a variety of different reasons. In the working world people have deadlines, targets, meetings, presentations and the rest which unfortunately don’t stop or disappear when the 9-5 grind has come to an end. For me a to-do list is the most satisfying way of getting me through the working day, those ticks prove to me that I’ve succeeded, no matter how small or insignificant each task may seem. For others a to-do list would seem never ending and actually add unnecessary stress to their daily routine. Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to dealing with stress or work pressures but it is so very important that you have an outlet (a way to deal with the stress/pressure).


For some people’s it’s shopping for others it’s cooking, cleaning, (not blessed with this one) a Netflix binge, a walk etc, the list could go on and on. Whatever your outlet is, it’s important to remember that dieting and exercise can inevitably change your outward appearance and of course release those endorphins but it’s also important to take some time each day to yourself. Spend those minutes wisely, don’t think about work, life or what you’ve got to do tomorrow just take a minute to check up on yourself.

So on that note your #SAG (Small Achievable Goal) for this week is to spend at LEAST 20 minutes each day with just yourself and your thoughts, no social media, no technology just YOU!

Have a fab weekend x