The 10 Body Positivity Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now!

I bet it wasn’t long ago that you were scrolling down the gram wishing you looked a certain way, owned a certain possession or wished your life away based on someone else’s feed - you’re not alone. It’s a platform that has an overwhelming amount of accounts that promote an unrealistic, unhealthy and skewed take on reality at breakneck speed.

There are so many different statistics that quote we all spend too much time on social media, and that it’s damaging our brains. Whether they’re right or not, I’ve recently come to the realisation that it may be the content that we view online that is causing the damage. We’re the ones that have ultimate control over what type of content we expose ourselves to.

I took a step back, to reconsider the accounts that I was following on Instagram. The bombardment of influencers that promote an unrealistic body image through the use of editing tools as well as their portrayal of life and everything within it suddenly made me realise… it's, not, real. I reflected on the past, and how many times I had compared my body to seemingly someone else’s online. It made me think of the anecdote “Don’t compare yourself to others, only yourself”. It’s a really hard anecdote to live by, especially when you’re surrounding yourself with harmful triggering images that result in self-loathing. I decided, if I wanted to help myself, I would have to stop putting myself through this torture, and focus on my own personal growth and enlightenment.


I immediately unfollowed all of the accounts that I found triggering, I found empowerment through finding and following new accounts that radiate body positivity and a realistic and unedited outlook on life, and there are tons. Since doing this, I feel more motivated, happy and comfortable in my own skin, therefore making my exposure to Instagram a positive experience - so that way, when I do spend that bit more time than I’m supposed to on there, it’s better for me.

Why not revamp your feed by adding some valuable and quality content from some fantastic accounts? I’ve listed some of the ones that sparked joy for me below!

  1. @fearnecotton

A household name, Fearne Cotton’s feed is a refreshing take on healthy living, the realities of a busy life as a mum as well as the promotion of her good for the soul podcast - Happy Place (which you should check out).


2. @florencegiven

A London based artist, Florence has made her mark by creating art that promotes feminism and body positivity, all whilst tackling culturally relevant issues.


3. @chessieking

An advocate for body confidence, Chessie refuses to let online trolls reduce her posts into conforming with all so frequent edited posts that we see on Instagram, her content empowers everyone to celebrate the skin they’re in and not give in to online bullying


4. @antidietriotclub

Vowing to smash diet culture, Anti Diet Riot Club are dedicated to challenging the narrative that women need to change their body shapes through dieting to become happy. They celebrate all body types, the way that they are.


5. @i_weigh

Jameela Jamil’s I_weigh movement took off last year when she shared an image of herself surrounded in her values - challenging the idea that as women we are a number on a scale. The movement took off and is empowering women all over the world to do the same!


6. @bodyposipanda

Teaching women to be fearless in their approach to happiness, bodyposipanda shows how happiness is different for different people! If you’re a fan of a body-positive quote, this one's an account for you!


7. @emilycoxhead  

Illustrator Emily creates uplifting content that inspires a positive outlook on life along with self-love. Her “happy news” is a great publication that focuses on all the good things that happen in the world!


8. @winnieharlow

Winnie is an advocate for not allowing people’s opinions to determine her happiness, she urges everyone to celebrate their uniqueness. As a top model, Winnie’s message is reaching a lot of people, and making a valuable difference in an industry that focuses solely on looks alone!


9. @lizzobeeating

A strong, beautiful and body confident woman who inspires us to love ourselves a little more! Lizzo is taking the music industry by storm and has remained 100% true to herself whilst doing it. The list of reasons why we love her could go on and on and on.


10. @weareauburn_uk

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re already a huge advocate for the message that We Are Auburn resonate, make sure you’re following us on Instagram for daily content that will give you the confidence to conquer the world!

Big love, Amy Czuba x