8 Things to Spring Clean from Your Life This Year

Spring is such a fabulous time of the year when we actually start to get some sunshine (even in Newcastle) making everything seem a little bit brighter. And with the lighter days comes the perfect excuse to shed the cobwebs of winter with a traditional spring clean but in addition to working your way through the home why not apply the same mentality to your life routine and clean out those things that aren’t serving you anymore?

Here are some nooks and crannies to check out.

Your wardrobe 

Let’s start with the most obvious, because if you are like me, I bet you only wear half of what you have in your wardrobe!

A good tip to see what you actually wear is to turn all of you hangers to face on way and once you have worn it, flip the hanger the opposite way to show that you have worn it. If after a couple of weeks there are some pieces that you haven’t touched, perhaps it’s time to relegate them to storage, a clothing bank or see if your best friend wants to adopt.

This technique also helps you figure what your real style is as you will start to spot patterns about what colours, materials and styles you end up wearing on the reg.

Your social media follows/friends/connections

Do you really care about your high school boyfriend, his current girlfriend or your university group project partner from 5 years ago? Plus everyone else you met once in between?

You do not need these people clogging up your feeds or dashboards or anything. It’s time to let ‘em go. Spend some time cleaning through your friends or connections and weed out the people who aren’t actively supporting you (or entertaining you) — anyone else is just distraction.


Your kitchen cupboards

How many times do you actually clear out your kitchen cupboards and fridge a year? I bet for most of you it is in the single digits. Use the excuse of spring cleaning to take the time to go through all of those cans (even the ones at the back) and if it has expired than throw it away!

Also start to get into the habit of checking your cupboards before you run out to the supermarket to make something special. That way you won’t end up with four half-used bottles of soy sauce, like me.

Your subscriptions

This is one that your purse strings will thank you for as you have probably been dropping money on them here and there without even noticing. If you signed up for a free trial and forgot to cancel it (me, always), you’re definitely losing money for no reason. Check your Amazon, your makeup subscriptions, your apps to make sure that you’re spending money where you really want to be.

Your toxic relationships

Not necessarily one for everyone but i am sure that we have all experienced those people in our lives who just aren’t the best for us - picture devil on the shoulder. We normally justify these relationships because of the length of time we have known them or the circle of friends you both run in but trust me — if you dread spending time with someone, stop investing in that relationship.

Now, this isn’t the moment to ditch your friends who are just having a moment, but if your relationship with someone is hallmarked by negativity, selfishness, or competition, it’s best to walk away.

Your unhealthy habits

Easier said than done but way worth it. Just like the above, if your relationship with yourself is starting to feel negative and competitive, it’s time to check out what life habits might be causing that. Do you hate that you feel sluggish all the time? Maybe check out your eating, sleeping, and fitness habits. When you exercise a little and eat your veggies and get more than five hours of sleep, you’re going to feel better, I can guarantee that.

It’s easy for me — especially in the winter — to fall into habits of self-indulgence and laziness. The spring is a great time to remind yourself of how important it is to treat your body well and start making those changes to your schedule.

Your paper collection

Are you a paper hoarder? Do you keep every note someone has even sent you? Do you print things off just to read them because you have a thing against reading from the computer screen? I guarantee if you had a look through so many of them would now be irrelevant or outdated and are just taking up precious space.

Find those piles and toss whatever is old in the recycling. You’ll be amazed at how much better your mind feels without the clutter.

Your digital diet

Admit it or not, we all spend so much of our lives on our technical devices and so little time actually thinking about what we are actually looking at. Do you regard Facebook or the Mail Online as your main source of news? Maybe it is time to spend more time with your head out of the virtual world to find out what is actually going on in the real one.

Slimming down your digital diet will help you feel more focussed and less FOMO throughout the day. Also, unsubscribe from all of those random email deals that just remind you of the money and clothes you don’t have/now think you want. They’re only making you think the life you have now isn’t enough — it is, and cutting out unnecessary digital fodder will help stop the comparison game we all play.


What’s on your to-clean list for spring? Have you done any of these before?