8 Things Actually Worth Spending Money On

It is a hard life when we are trying to live on a budget.

I don’t know about you but I can also be so inconsistent with it - often a thought that comes into my mind when purchasing the essentials like deodorant, a replacement for my split jeans or milk but when it comes to an indulgent meal out or a night drinking with my girlfriends I can throw money around like I am one of the Rich Kids of Instagram.

“Shots for everyone!”

We have shared previous posts on money saving hacks and advice from ‘experts’ but we thought this time around it would be really interesting to hear from you when it comes to your finances. Yes, we could all do with budgeting a little better but there is also a need to ‘treat yourself’ every once in a while for all that hard work you put in on a daily basis so we were keen to hear what buys are essential to YOU. Not necessarily life essentials but purchases that are seriously worth the pennies because you could not live without them.

A good pair of headphones - “I live and work in London which means a lot of travelling and walking around so I use my beats every day. If you are a podcast queen or travel a lot (like me) you really need to treat yourself to a pair of noise cancelling headphones!”

Cuddly blankets - “I could not relax anywhere that didn’t have some good blankets. I spend some much time wrapped up in them and thankfully there are some great ones out there that are both affordable and good quality”

Physical Health - “I couldn’t live without my gym membership (so sad) but paying for that is what motivates me to get up in the mornings and get to a class. The social aspect of having my gym membership is another big thing, I’ve got to meet lots of new people from different walks of life in one small gym class. I love finishing a session or a class as I feel I’ve really accomplished something for the day. Myself and a friend are now starting with a personal trainer at the gym on a Monday morning, we have become good friends with our new trainer and he is giving us the confidence and motivation to get those bikini bodies. I feel lost if I miss my gym sessions during the week if I am too busy with work or have other commitments! The membership is definitely worth the £25 for me!”

Beauty ‘Therapy’ - “Does getting your nails done count as essential? 😂😂 I religiously get mine done once every 3/4 weeks and I absolutely love it. I think my nail tech knows more about my life now than anyone else, after having to sit with me for 2 hours while she does them. I feel like a new woman with my new nails, I drive home with extra sass and in the best mood. It’s definitely worth the £30 💅🏽”

“I am a sucker for my eyelash extensions! It makes my getting ready in the morning so much easier and as a contact lense wearer it prevents the catastrophe of mascara on my contacts! I never feel totally bare!!”

Self Care - “Self care isn’t just bubble baths and candles (although I do those things too…) it’s also going to the dentist, getting therapy and having your my eyes tested on the reg'“

Kitchen Knives - “I absolutely LOVE to cook and a decent knife makes chopping a dream. It will also last forever and is safer to use (tick and tick).”

Insurance - “It isn’t the most glam of essentials but I am accident prone so could not live without insurance. It would cost so much more if my phone/laptop was damaged, lost or in my case, dropped down the toilet which would leave me significantly worse of financially!”

Sunglasses - “Not much explanation needed and essential for multiple reasons; sun protection, cut down on wrinkles, hangovers, after a brow wax and they make your outfit look way more fab.”

Share your most worthwhile purchases in the comments below!