Best Fresh Foods Heading into Spring

I don’t know about you but as the weather starts to improve for spring so does my appetite for fresh and healthy food, it is so much easy to rustle up some bright veggies to accompany your dinner when the nights (and your mood) are brighter. We do however understand how hard it can be sometimes to shake off the winter blues once and for all and find the inspiration, well Isabel Butler, Company Nutritionist at Spoon Guru, a London-based technology start-up that has developed a unique food search & discovery engine to cater for individuals with multiple or complex search requirements, has compiled tips on how to leap into spring and refresh your meal repertoire, combing seasonal foods with store cupboard staples. 


A Russian salad is great way to combine potatoes fresh in season and tinned oily fish along with mayonnaise. Potatoes are a source of vitamin C, needed by our bodies to keep our skin and bones healthy and will provide fibre for your gut. Tinned oily fish, like sardines, are high in omega 3, like fresh fish and omega 3 can help reduce LDL cholesterol to keep your heart healthy. Click here for the recipe.



If you are looking to make a pasta sauce, use tinned tomatoes and add mushrooms and peppers to be seasonal. Mushrooms are full of B vitamins, used for your immune system and vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. Peppers are rich in vitamin C, used to maintain your skin and bones keeping them healthy. Also tinned tomatoes are higher in antioxidants than fresh tomatoes, so using them is perfect. Antioxidants are used to help stop oxidation reactions in your body and prevent cell damage. Click here for the recipe.



For a pasta dish, add cabbage and bacon to whole wheat pasta. Fresh cabbage is high in vitamin K and C. Vitamin K is needed for our blood to clot, the same as vitamin C, which also keeps cells protected and healthy. Bacon will add protein to the dish needed by your body to build and repair cells. Whole wheat pasta will be high in fibre and used to keep your gut healthy and functioning properly. Click here for the recipe.


Why not make carrot and lentil soup? You can buy pre-cooked lentils to add in and they will boost your protein intake, which is vital for cell growth and repair. Carrots are currently in season and not only add sweetness to the soup, but contain vitamin A and beta-carotene. Vitamin A is converted by your body for your night vision. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and helps protect cells against damage. Click here for the recipe.

There are many healthy combinations you can make with packaged food and will give you a range of nutrients needed in your body. Try avoiding any products labelled high in fat, salt and sugar to make sure you’re balancing your diet.

What are your go to spring meals?