This Female-Founded Brand Is Shaking Up Our Shopping Habits – Just In Time For Wedding Season 

It is inevitable that, once we head into our twenties, our friends will start to get married, have babies, celebrate milestones and settle into life. It’s exciting and we are all for a party to celebrate these momentous occasions, but why do they always seem to happen at once? Of course, we want to dive head first into them and look our best self at every single one, but it can be hard to manage, especially on a budget.

Here at We Are Auburn, we are totally in favour of thriftiness and mixing up, re-wearing and updating a look for different social events, but – let’s face it: sometimes, we just want to wear a nice new dress for the inevitable photos, don’t we?

We know you all relate, as we posted this reader’s question to our Insta community in March, hoping you guys could help her out with some advice:

"I have been invited to three weddings and two christenings in the space of 6 months which is so exciting but the prospect of outfits is a little daunting. There will obviously be pictures taken at each occasion so I need to wear something new to each, otherwise I feel social media will judge me but I am trying to be a little more budget savvy - what do you think is the best solution? How can I manage this?"



From switching up your lipstick, hairstyle and accessories, to heading to charity shops in search of something no-one else will be wearing (another risk of leaving shopping for an outfit until the last minute!) you guys ran gallantly to the rescue. Plus, plenty of you told our reader she simply shouldn’t care at all about social media and we totally agree – these are once-in-a-lifetime events where the focus should be on celebrating our friends. Who cares if you’re wearing the same dress on several different days? You’ll look amazing whether you wear your favourite dress once, twice or ten times – because you’ll feel confident in it. Cue that dancing lady in red emoji, and plenty of flames…

Our favourite response, however, was a suggestion of hiring an outfit. And that’s exactly what we are going to suggest you do. We introduce to you: Hirestreet. Enabling you to rent an outfit from high-street favourites including Lavish Alice, French Connection and Keepsake The Label, for as little as £8, we are all over this clever (and sustainable) option.

Since its launch in 2018, Hirestreet has accumulated thousands of loyal shoppers and a six-figure investment deal as it is set to continue its rapid growth. It’s niche? Providing a sustainable route to trend-led, affordable, high street fashion to a generation who hate to “outfit repeat”. 

Millennial Founder and CEO Isabella West says that her generation have been caught in a conflict: “The rise of fast fashion and social media mean it has never been more tempting to have a ‘wear it once’ attitude yet, at the same time, we’re increasingly aware of the environmental impact of over-consumption.”

She adds, “By introducing a shared approach to fashion we can dramatically extend the lives of garments. Much of our ‘New In’ stock that has just arrived for Spring 2019 will be worn more than 10 times over the course of the summer. That’s ten women feeling confident in the same dress, as opposed to ten dresses purchased on the high street and being worn once.”

In the same week that ASOS announced profits have plunged by 87% due to heavy discounting, Hirestreet announced sales growth of 103% due to its cost effective and sustainable offering.

Shop some of our favourites below and tell us your thoughts – would you, or have you, hired an outfit for an event before?