Self Care For Down There: Skincare For Your V

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When it comes to my face, I am religious about what I put on it. In my bathroom you will find a Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel, Garnier Micellar Water, La Roche Posay moisturiser, Pixi tonic (soon to be replaced with The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7%) and countless minis and samples from previous beauty advent calendars. Well, this isn’t an article about my facial skincare routine, what I wanted to tell you is that in addition to all of the above, there is now also three skincare products dedicated to my vagina. Yep. You heard right, my vagina.

These aren’t medicated skincare, let me just clarify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my down stairs, but in the same way that I take care of my face, my body and my mind I am learning that it is equally important to practise self-care rituals on the less obvious of regions because let’s face it - we put it through a lot!

And you probably aren’t surprised to hear that I am not alone in neglecting my down stairs area, as a nation, we don’t take too kindly to talking about our vaginas. A study carried out by the Eve Appeal highlighted just how much we ignore them, with 44% of women unable to distinguish between the vulva and the vagina. This was admittedly me before I watched the eye-opening and breath taking 100 vaginas earlier this year.

It’s hardly surprising, considering we are fighting centuries of taboo. The ancient Romans thought menstruating women were witches and, in more modern times, women were advised not to stray from home during their period. The latter kind of represents my life once a month.

I still can’t believe that people still find it so hard to talk about vaginas and periods. Sometimes I find myself saying it more than appropriate just to try and normalise the words.  After all, while shaving, waxing and lasering have wiggled their way into most of our grooming routines we still are late to the party when it comes to any apres hair removal care.

Well thank god for Avonda Nelson Urben, founder of The Perfect V (named after the shape of your bikini region - not your vagina) , a company that has started the conversation about women’s unmet need for grooming products - a luxury skincare range to make that V area look as beautiful as the rest of your body. The fresh approach to luxurious and pampering beauty products for the V came to her while working on a BB Cream project for a client. Avonda thought of the name V V Cream and instantly knew it would be great to have a line of multi-tasking products for the V (the bikini area). About time!

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The brands messaging is on point and it’s Scandinavian design aesthetic and color palette on par with beauty ranges you might find in Harvey Nichols, with products named Very V Luminizer, VV Cream Intensive and VV Serum.

The brand promote a 3-step beauty regime for the V which is cleverly titled The VANICURE™, this is as follows;

Step 1 - Cleanse

Gentle Wash ( 100ml )   £19.00 from Beauty Bay

Gentle Wash ( 100ml )

£19.00 from Beauty Bay


Refresh with VV Cream™ - Gentle Wash

Dampen the V area (the bikini line and visible delicate skin of the triangle area) and pour a small amount of VV Cream™ Gentle Wash onto your hand or washcloth, apply and rinse.

Step 2 - Solution

Calm with VV Cream™ - Very V Intensive

Very V Intensive Beauty Cream ( 50ml )   £43.00 from Beauty Bay

Very V Intensive Beauty Cream ( 50ml )

£43.00 from Beauty Bay


For best results, lightly towel dry the V area (the bikini line and visible delicate skin of the triangle area)and apply a small pearl of cream.

Step 3 -  Beauty

Perfect with VV Beauty Mist

Beauty Mist ( 30ml )   £23.00 from Beauty Bay

Beauty Mist ( 30ml )

£23.00 from Beauty Bay


Refresh your V (the bikini line and visible delicate skin of the triangle area) with a light spritz any time of day or night

I am an avid fan of all of it but in particular the VV Cream Intensive - It includes salicylic acid to help prevent ingrown hairs and bumps. A godsend after hair-removal to calm, soothe and condition. I am talking velvety smooth. I was so impressed even, I started passing it round at my friends birthday party like it was a golden bottle of tequila and all the girls quickly popped off to the bathroom to try it out. Safe to say they were converted.

They also have a gentle wash in their range which I tend to use regularly in the shower but is also a hero after a lengthy gym session. The whole range works a treat and are a piece of cake to use.

The texture of the creams are similar to an expensive face serum and you massage in just as you would any cleanser or cream. Best of all, they can be delivered straight to your door and sit prettily in the bathroom.

Ultimately, intimate care is still plagued by personal embarrassment – removing the stigma is up to us. We must learn to accept and be kind to our vaginas because the upshot is invaluable. Being more in tune will help us to look out for the signs of gynaecological cancers, which are so often silent killers. The more narratives we read and write, and the more campaigns we applaud, the more we work towards dispelling the myths. Surely that’s a big enough reason to shout loud and proud about our vaginas.