5 Things Do on Sunday Night to Feel Your Best on Monday Morning

Sunday… EW! Well to be honest, I don’t get the Sunday scaries quite like I used to in my old job but the thought of the weekend ending and another Monday rolling around still gives me the heebie jeebies.

We all are too familiar with that unsettling start-of-the-week feeling and if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that if my Sunday goes wrong, my whole week can be completely out of sync. But when I do it right? I can face a Monday morning like a glass of prosecco on a Friday night. With pure determination.

I know we talk about meal prep quite a bit on WAA but it truly is one of the key ingredients for a successful week, but there’s also way more we can do to feel our very best when that dreaded buzz of our alarms goes off in the early hours of a Monday morning. In fact, we asked you on Instagram…

Wash your hair

It might sounds like an obvious one but when I let that little voice called ‘lazy Sunday’ convince me that I can just wash my hair on Monday night instead, come Monday evening I want to seriously punch it in the face. There is nothing worse than coming home after a hard day at work (any day of the week) and washing that greasy mess on top of your head that you have been trying to hide with dry shampoo. So please, don’t let it be Monday.

Apply your favourite face mask

Everyone’s skin concerns and needs are different, and we all know what works best for us. Cleanse your face, then before you apply your favourite skincare, apply your favourite mask. (Kill two birds with one stone and do it at the same time your meals are cooking!)

Give yourself a facial massage

Ever since jade rollers became the buzziest skincare trend of the new year, thanks to Goop, it’s taken over our skincare routines and has helped us all become our glowiest possible selves. After you do your favourite mask, give yourself a facial massage with your favourite roller (or your hands!).

Pick out your Monday outfit

As energetic as you plan to be on Monday morning, odds are your energy levels will be less-than-ideal. Cut yourself a break by laying out your entire outfit (ironed and all) on Sunday night, so when you wake up you don’t have to put any thought into what you’re wearing and can hit the snooze button a few more times. It is a life saver.

Meal Prep

I know, I know, we really are beating a dead horse with the whole meal-prep thing, but it’s changed our lives so much that we’re obliged to talk about it. Choose at least one meal to prep like a boss on Sunday, so come Monday, you’ll feel totally put-together and ready to tackle the day with a ton of energy from the the meal you made, rather than just the buzz of your morning coffee. Trust us, it will make you feel so much better than a meal deal from Greggs.