Why I Use Period Pants and You Should too!

By Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose in her period pants by Modi Bodi

Sarah Rose in her period pants by Modi Bodi

Sometimes I find myself wondering why it has taken us so long to get here. Period protection has long been a necessity, yet as women and people with uteruses it seems like we are still finding ways to effectively manage our periods. Thankfully the days of our Grandmothers on the rag is gone and now we have a choice. In the past few years Period Pants have popped up and grown in popularity and I can wholeheartedly say I have never been so grateful for this. 

I was 10 when my period struck. I was not ready. I remembered genuinely thinking I was dying, that my body was wrong or confused, I certainly was not happy to be a woman yet. But here it was, my period in all its painful glory. I suffered from terrible backache, cramping and reactions to sanitary towels.

You name the brand and my V has reacted to it. My mother and I would try and find some brand that didn’t break me out in a rash. Every single product seemed to have something that caused irritation and we reluctantly realised there were no alternatives. I would use these pads, break out in a rash, smoother my V in suda cream, break out in a rash, repeat. I would rush home after school, cancel plans with friends, spend days sitting in my room, just to be able to free bleed and get some relief. 

This pattern would continue well into my twenties. I suffer from chronic pelvic pain so cannot use tampons or menstrual cups, so instead I would use pads that would cause me painful irritation. Thankfully in 2016 I discovered organic cotton pads so finally I could have a rash free period, however, I still felt very uncomfortable and would often still break out around my derriere. Then I discovered period pants.

Period pants are absorbable pants that you wear on your period. They absorb your period blood and act like just normal pants. You pop them on, go about your day, come home pop them in the washing machine on a cold wash with no fabric conditioner and leave them to dry for the next day. One pair can last you up to five years, depending on the brand. They are a greener, cleaner way to control your periods and for me have been an absolute game changer. 

Image by  @creandopensamus  for Modi Bodi

Image by @creandopensamus for Modi Bodi

But what about absorbency? Well, you can pick different pants for different days of your flow. Absorbency rates are measured in tampons, with some being able to hold up 1 tampon worth and others being able to hold up, up to 3 or 4. I have never leaked and don’t feel like I’m sitting in my period blood, like I sometimes experienced with pads. 

There are many different brands out there, with some now extending into period swimwear, so you can kiss disposable tampons goodbye! And period athletic wear. I personally use Modi Bodi as they ship to the UK and offer a high absorbency rate. 

My period pants week

Day 1

Day 1 is usually a light day of cramping and feeling my insides are falling out yet not much actually falls out, so I use my classic bikini with light/moderate absorbency, I then wash these on a cold wash at the end of the day, leaving them to dry.

Day 2

Day 2 is when my insides finally do decide to fall out. I use the classic bikini heavy absorbency which absorbs up to 2-3 tampons worth. Same again I come home, pop them in the washing machine on a cold wash and leave them to dry. 

Day 3 & 4

I follow this pattern for day 3 and 4 using the classic bikini heavy absorbency, washing it every night on a cold wash and leaving it to dry. 

Day 5

Day 5 my period has started to be less heavy so I can now switch back to the classic bikini with light/moderate absorbency. I then follow the same steps, popping them on a cold wash when I get home. 

Day 6

Day 6 is when the end is nearly in sight, so I bring out my sexy classic thong. This pant can hold up to half a tampon, so is helpful for the very end part of my period. I wash this the same at night, in a cold wash and leave to dry.

Day 7

My period is usually over, but just to be sure I wear my classic thong again just in case there are any accidents. I wash again in a cold wash and leave to dry. 

That is how I use period pants to manage my period. You can wear period pants at night, using ones that have a night time absorbency, but I prefer to free bleed (appreciation shout out to my fiancé). But I have really noticed that managing my periods is easier and rash free with these little pants. 

I’m just so thankful that girls and people with uteruses who are starting their periods finally have so much choice, from period pants, organic pads and tampons, reusable pads and menstrual cups. There is finally something to suit everyone, no matter what your flow throws at you and I am so, so, thankful. 



Hi, I'm Sarah Rose a gal in her twenties from Belfast, who has suffered pelvic pain for ten years. I decided to start the conversation regarding pelvic pain after suffering in silence for so long I created my Instagram @mypelvicpain & blog www.mypelvicpain.co.uk. I've been overwhelmed by the love and strength of so many amazing people who are going through this. Together we can raise awareness & support one another through anything. You are not alone and I believe you, your pain is real.