How To Banish BO The Natural Way And Why You Should Switch Today

When it comes to our eating, sleeping, and beauty habits, the message to keep it ‘natural’ is EVERYWHERE and horror stories such as ‘Aerosols give you breast cancer’ hang firm on the grapevine. It can be quite overwhelming just navigating your way through the morning routine without the fear of covering yourself in hormone disruptors, toxic chemicals, parabens and other cancer breeding carcinogens.

Did you know that sweat itself doesn’t actually smell: it’s just a combination of water and salt. What does produce BO is when sweat comes into contact with the bacteria that lives on our skin (also natural and normal!). You are supposed to sweat, and attempting to stop or interfere with this process is, to put it bluntly, not good for you. Conventional deodorant contains antibacterial ingredients that are meant to kill the natural bacteria on your skin before it gets the chance to mingle with your sweat and cause a stink. Antiperspirants deal with sweat directly by including aluminum compounds that stop up sweat glands. But you know what's worse than smelling a bit funky sometimes? Alzheimer's and breast cancer, both of which have been linked to the same aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants.

Enter natural deodorants. But what does ‘natural’ even mean? It was grown straight from the earth? And I bet half of us don’t even know what parabens are! I didn’t really before receiving something pretty interesting in the post last week; Natural Deo by UK Start up, WILD.

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Launching earlier this year with a kick-starter campaign, WILD’s range of natural deodorants exists in four natural fragrance options including Mint and Eucalyptus, Rose and Geranium, Lemon and Thyme and an unfragranced version all available as a one off purchase or even better, on subscription so your pits will never go without again. 

So what makes them natural? All of WILD’s sticks have been manufactured without aluminium, parabens and sulphates commonly found in Antiperspirants. The range is also vegan-friendly and never tested on animals.   

Caveat: This is a press shot from WILD and not me the morning I received the product

Caveat: This is a press shot from WILD and not me the morning I received the product

Now I would like to take a moment to say that I am a big advocate of deo brand Mitchum and until last week had never even considered going natural even though I know I should have made the switch earlier. I would also like to let you know (for the sake of context) that I am NOT naturally that much of a sweaty person nor do I ever smell too bad; excluding post serious gym workout or hike in the sun. However, I do of course need to wear deo every day and for the first day of trialing WILD I did out it through its paces with a 2 hour walk in 21 degree heat (trust me that is hot for Newcastle). No better control for determining a quality deodorant — I applied a thin layer of the deodorant that morning (the solid stick went on totally clear — no white deo chunks in sight), and went about my day. To my delight, I went the entire day with my underarms still smelling subtly of Lemon and Thyme.

How does it work? WILD uses active naturals to combat the smell of sweat whilst still allowing your body to sweat, which they see as a natural and important process used by your body to remove toxins and regulate temperature. Essential oils such as eucalyptus also reduces inflammation on the skin — which is definitely a bonus if you shave regularly or are prone to irritation.

Is WILD going to hold up during Crossfit? Perhaps not. However, for days when you're not going to be pushing the limits of your deodorant, I have to say: WILD actually works pretty well — and at a price point that won't make me feel bad about stocking up on all my fave scents, might I add. 

WILD are truly disrupting the industry with their eco-friendly product and 100% recyclable packaging. So how can you get your hands on one? WILD hasn’t officially launched to consumers yet however they are currently running a kick-starter campaign where you can pledge anything from £12+ and as a thankyou for your support will receive WILD product in return. 

But before you venture into the world of natural deo I do need to let you know that there's one small catch, which is that it might get worse before it gets better. There is an adjustment period — generally around one to two weeks — in which you will sweat more, and possibly even smell more, and that's normal and fine.

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