Ways To Be Happier: As Told By You

We have been conditioned to think that happiness is a destination, the light at the end of the tunnel, the happily ever after. And we convince ourselves that it takes a mix of certain ingredients such as; career, love, home, body to achieve ultimate joy. We tell our inner selves that it takes some suffering, persistence and determination to get there but once we are there then everything was worth while. Our lives have finally fallen into place. 

If I may be totally honest with you, there is no map to happiness nor is there an ‘X’ marks the spot. It is forever changing and unstable, but in the best way possible, can be achieved every single day. By recognising the pockets of positivity in your life, you can cultivate it at every turn.

We are firm believers at We are Auburn in appreciating the small joys in life (as well as the big), and whilst many of us celebrate the memorable milestones, we want to encourage you to recognise that happiness is also the unremarkable days that thread through the years to make up life. 

However, we are the first to accept that happiness doesn’t always come naturally and it means that we have to make a conscious effort to notice the positive and play an active role in creating our own bliss. As this can be easier said than done, we asked our fempire for their best advice on how to be happier, every day.

And with a few dashes of this and a sprinkle of this you can begin to mix your own personal potion for happiness magic. 

“Go to a coffee shop and speak to the server” - @thse_grls

“Make yourself a pretty breakfast to start the day of right” - ANON

“Take some time away from your phone. Have a tasty meal. Get some fresh air. Do something active” - @laurenrosie13

“Make your bed” - @sarahclark1

“Remembering that there is a world outside of social, and the bubble that you live in” - @gowmeg 

“Express gratitude: out loud to myself or others” - @sarahcrims

“Reminding myself to do things for me” - @peachy_beechey

“Make your bed everyday and have a big cuppa / Make decisions about the rest of the day and week based on what you want / will make you most happy” - ANON

“Small sustainable changes, they are usually the most successful” - @louinga

“Be surrounded by people that make you happy” - @x.amydaly.x

“Smile” - @seonadggow@louhmarley

“Appreciate a good hair day” - ANON