Why The Fabric Of Your Pants Matter

I recently stumbled across an article all about how the fabric of your underwear can actually affect the way you smell down there and I had to share it with you because it absolutely blew my mind.

When asked to picture the ultimate luxury when it comes to pants you might have a silky thong in mind however your gyno would certainly not agree. Cotton pants are about to make a comeback to your daily staple and we are ready to jump on board.

Truth is, even though silk sounds and feels luxurious, the best fabric for your vagina may actually be plain old cotton. "Cotton in general tends to be non-irritating to your skin," Raquel Dardik, MD, of the Tisch Women's Health Centre says. "The external skin around your vagina is like regular skin, but just a little bit more sensitive. So if you have material that irritates your skin normally, you might have minor inflammation to the area."

It's not just a skin issue, though. Cotton is known to be one of the most breathable types of fabrics out there, which makes it better for your skin — and also your vagina. While you may think that the way you smell is simply something you’re born with, it can actually be the result of the underwear you’re wearing. “Cotton underwear or cotton-crotched pants help our vaginal health by naturally wicking moisture away from the area,” says Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, the resident OB-GYN at VSPOT Medi Spa in New York City. “When you wear lycra or nylon, the moisture is trapped and bacteria can grow.” It’s this bacteria that causes odours.

"Of course, if you're the kind of person who never has issues with vaginal irritation and infections, you can wear whatever you want," Dr. Dardik says. But if you're prone to annoying vaginal problems, opting for an all-cotton underwear — or at the very least with cotton lining — is your best bet.

In addition to opting for cotton options, Dr. DeLucia recommends steering clear of thongs. The problem with thongs isn't so much the shape, but the fit. Some doctors might say that using a thong increases your risk of a UTI, due to the fabric moving around and thus redistributing bacteria in the area “Avoiding thongs also helps [prevent odors] because they hug into the creases and can pass bacteria from the anal area to the vagina, which is never a good thing.” says Dr. DeLucia. Finally, a reason to justify our Bridget Jones comfies. Generally, however, if the thong fits well — and it's breathable — you should be in good shape.

And we wouldn't want to deprive you of buying cute lingerie, chill boy shorts, even the thongiest thongs that your underwear drawer needs. So we went ahead and rounded up pretty — and breathable! — underthings for you, your wardrobe, and of course your vagina.

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