How to Find Your Business Reason and Know Your Worth


By Chelsea Cox, founder of Well Defined and Well Assisted

In my last We Are Auburn article, I spoke about setting out your brand values and knowing your worth. This is exactly what I help my clients achieve, I support them in realising what their business impact is and give them ongoing support in implementing successful strategies.

When I first start working with a client we work on brand vs personal separation, something I mentioned in my previous article, following this we start to put in place brand values and brand worth. Setting these things out are of paramount importance to your business long term but also for your own confidence as a business person, being able to turn down a potential client due to them not aligning with your messaging or to say no to the offer of a reduced rate comes from knowing your brand values and your own worth. 

Once that is in place, we then start looking at the business impact. What the hell is business impact and why is it so important I hear you ask? It is essentially how your business is serving your customer and the overall message you want to convey to the public. Generally business owners have an underlying want to create an impact in some respect which is what leads them  to start their business, for example, fulfilling a need you have needed in the past, plugging a gap within an industry you are passionate about, sometimes this reason starts with just simply wanting to be self employed, however you will quickly come to have a reason. Equally I am approached regularly by people who have a reason/impact/message and are completely unsure on how to monetize it, I always find these projects extremely interesting and some of my biggest client success stories have come from this approach. 

You business impact is your strongest marketing tool and sales strategy, I am a huge believer in impact over income, essentially focusing on the message you are passionate about will result in income for you and create a more concrete business. If you were to look at some of the great companies of our time you will find the majority started with a desire to make an impact, as an example, Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook to connect the world, that was his desire & passion, did he forsee it being a billion dollar company, I can’t imagine so but only he could answer that and ultimately I would say it was the desired impact that drove him. 

My impact desires are to support women on their business journeys, teach women how to sell and to be comfortable to do so and unite women in business to create a stronger female business world that supports rather than competes. This is predominantly driven by my experience of the corporate world and learnings from the 100’s of companies I had the pleasure of working with during this time, I saw a real gap for commercial & business support for women in business and female led brands which is exactly what I do now. 

I am fortunate to be in a position whereby I can be selective about the clients I work with, something I always look for is impact & messaging, if a potential client is solely in business to sell something fast or is solely driven by the bottom line, then they aren’t the client for me and I have developed a confidence to be able to be honest about that, which is generally appreciated. Know when something isn’t going to serve you even if it might better your monthly income.

The key message of this article is to find your reason & impact, what problem do you want to solve? What motivates you message wise? Where do you want to make a difference? If you already know your impact, how will you monetize it? Could you look at creating a campaign around your reason? Could you create a training programme from it to solve the problem long term? If you are in need of support around business impact and establishing your brand values & worth feel free to get in touch!



Chelsea Cox, founder of Well Defined & Well Assisted. Having spent over a decade in commercial management for companies such as L'oreal, The Telegraph and Hearst UK, Chelsea launched Well Defined to support women in business & female led brands in their strategies, PR, business planning and expansions.

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