How to Stay Motivated Whilst Self-Employed

By Chelsea Cox, founder of Well Defined and Well Assisted

Following on from my previous couple of articles for We Are Auburn, I thought it important to touch on motivation whilst self employed. Once all the groundwork of your business has been put into place and things are ticking along nicely, now what? Well now the real hard work begins! 

Here are my top tips on staying motivated:

  1. Have a couple of long term goals

    Generally I would advise having a 3 year plan in place on where you would like your business to be, what it will look like, how much money it will be making, will you have staff...etc. This gives you something to aim for and to revisit when you are stuck in a rut!

  2. Journal

    I use my journal on a daily (if not hourly!) basis, I have the standard to do lists, appointments, personal jobs...etc listed but I also write how I’m feeling that day, it really helps me to see any unhelpful patterns that might be forming.

  3. Have a weekly plan & routine

    Now if like me, you are a mum, this can be somewhat of a luxury! Generally I will plan my week on the Friday afternoon of the previous week, I then revisit this on a Sunday to add in anything that might have cropped up, and I really do stick to it around 90% of the time. Of course allow for some flexibility and always factor in time for yourself.

  4. Find your tribe

    I have built myself a tribe over my self employed career, all of which are also in the same boat, I have some people I go to for advice, some for support, some for connections, some for motivation and some for wine over lunch and a rant! Remember you aren’t alone, being self employed can sometimes feel like the loneliest place in the world but you can change that.

  5. Don’t overthink things

    I know this is so much easier said than done but truly overthinking situations, potential situations, a short email from a client...etc does not serve you, your wellbeing or your business. If you find yourself sat at your desk overthinking something, get outside and walk it off for 15 mins with your earphones in on full blast!

  6. Find a business mentor

    Someone that holds you accountable to your goals but also encourages & motivates you throughout your journey.

  7. Celebrate you and your business

    Allow yourself to feel proud, give yourself a pat on the back, share your wins with your tribe, treat yourself. Remember you are still you, not just a “business owner” - give yourself a break!



Chelsea Cox, founder of Well Defined & Well Assisted. Having spent over a decade in commercial management for companies such as L'oreal, The Telegraph and Hearst UK, Chelsea launched Well Defined to support women in business & female led brands in their strategies, PR, business planning and expansions.

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