The Story Behind Fempowerment Box

I set off on a mission back in January to improve the self-confidence of women throughout the UK and after multiple conversations it became clear that the way to do this was through information. Confidence comes from competence. But there are so many ways to provide and supply information; an online publication was the most logical first step. A platform to share personal stories and advice, discover new things and champion businesses created to empower.

Rebecca Marley, Founder of We are Auburn and Fempowerment Box

Rebecca Marley, Founder of We are Auburn and Fempowerment Box

After a few months of running We are Auburn (WAA) I started to be introduced to even more incredible products and sent some weird and wonderful items in the post. I was flattered. There was such a powerful community supporting WAA that we were being recognised and the excitement of receiving mystery parcels in the post was the icing on the cake. I wanted to package up this feeling and send it out - so that is what I decided to do next. 

What originated as a discovery brand has now been transformed into a discovery service. What was the best way to do this? Subscription Boxes. And how often? 4x a year with the seasons. Why? Because there is something refreshing about that start of a season. It represents the ‘new’, a ‘fresh start’ - the fempowerment box will punctuate this. 

But how can I make this different to any other UK subscription box on the market? I want to view women in a holistic way, we are more than beauty, or health, or food we are all of these things and a mix of lifestyle was the only way to represent this. Since the creation of WAA, I have always gone out of my way to lift other women up, not by excluding men, but by highlighting how strong, intelligent and powerful we are, so I wanted to translate this into the box. I developed a clear USP; to include products created to empower in all aspects of life built by female founded/co-founded businesses.  

The next step was clear - create a list of powerful female founded/co-founded brands that I had the pleasure of being introduced to through the publication as well as from a little extra research online. I was in awe of how many phenomenal women led businesses we had the potential of partnering with and selecting the 8 to feature in our Autumn launch box was no easy feat.

But the box is only the physical touchpoint where their stories start. In addition to the amazing items included inside, the content supplied is also equally as valuable as the product; within each box is a 20 page magazine that brings to life their inspirational stories of success and why their creations can make a positive impact on your life, and well-being. As well as, exclusive discounts and product tips.

I have built Fempowerment Box to inspire women to lead empowered lives through discovery, content and community. It is more than just a subscription to a box - it is a membership to the fempire. A tribe of women that champion, empower and stand with each other. 

The future is uncertain but thrilling. I can not wait to partner with even more inspiring female founders, watch this Fempire grow and continue the cycle of female empowerment with you. 

I have launched the first box with extremely limited numbers so if my story resonates with you and you want to join me on my mission then click here to get the box today before they sell out!