The Best Plants to Bring Your Desk to Life


I made my first adult trip to a garden centre last weekend and suddenly all those Saturdays spent with my dad picking out plants for the home and garden made so much sense. It was a utopia of cactuses with bright hairstyles, beautiful ceramic pots glistening in the sunlight and a jungle of all sorts of green from the cute and petite to the tall and powerful. I made a vow there and then to come back at least once a month to add to my new growing collection of house plants. They are like tattoos: once you get your first one, you want more.

Now, I appreciate that I am quite late to the party but this fairly recent phase doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and for good reason; the air is cleaner, the energy is better, and plants add a little pretty to our space.

The trend doesn’t need to be confined to your home space either, working in an office all day can literally suck the light out of you but adorning your desk with actual living things can restore your vitality. Cue the perfect desk plant.

Succulents, herbs, cacti, and shrubs, each of these miniature plants can add a whole lot to a dull day at the office. So, we've rounded up our recommendation of different desk plants that offer a respite from deadlines and workplace drama. These little beauties will make you a little bit happier as you head into the office each day.

Compact plants are perfect for decorating your desk at home or at the office. There is often limited natural light at work, and air circulation is poor. Try using some hardier table plants such as the ZZ plant, cast-iron plant, or peace lily.


Styling tips:

  • Plants bring life to corners and dead spaces in the office. Training plants to grow up against the wall will help soften harsh lines.

  • Plants can enhance the workplace. Suspending plants from the ceiling or placing them on desks are great ways to break up your office space. Use neutral-coloured pots to avoid making the office too chaotic.